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Professional Services

When you are ready to take action to grow your online presence I will help you do that within your budget.

You may need a website you can edit yourself, an online business, or online solutions to help your business become most efficient at serving site visitors and your internal business systems.

I am experienced with more than 10 years in website development.  I care about your satisfaction with the products I create.   It is my goal to empower you with a website, or an online business, that you are fully prepared to manage.

     Website Development

  1. Custom php, mysql, html/css
  2. Easy WordPress Content Management
  3. Custom Design or Template Development
  4. Ecommerce Solutions
  5. Responsive Mobile Development
  6. Moodle Online Training Module




  1. Measuring Business Opportunity
  2. Understanding Business Analytics
  3. Engineering Business Systems
  4. Business Development Support
  5. Development of Online Presence
  6. Refining User Experience

     Northeast GA based Service Area

  1. Within 3 hr drive from base in Clarkesville, GA
  2. Habersham, White, Rabun, Towns, Union, Banks, Jackson, Barrow, Forsyth
  3. Western North Carolina – Highlands, NC
  4. Western, South Carolina – Spartanburg, SC

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Fully Responsive Layouts



Content Managed Systems

Take control of your most important communication mediums with an easy, WordPress Content Managed Solution developed with your specific business in mind. We customize your admin to make the interface compatible with your most frequent actions.  Our training is personalized.


Get in Touch Today!

Call or send a text to Celena at 706-968-7655 or use the convenient contact form


Grassfed Farms Industry Expert Speaks

I hired an expert in Agriculture to consult me on various areas of my farm operation. I had him meet with each of the key people involved in my operation and Celena was among them. His assessment of her was what I already knew. I fully recommend her services to any business. ”                                                              Murray Provine,  Grassfed Farms, LLC

Celena [has a] good base experience and knowledge of her “space”. Fully engaged and active in wanting to move Panther Creek Farm forward. Really good ideas in terms of how to work with website to enhance presence. Understands importance of website type (informational, e-commerce, presentational, etc.) and how to design to best focus on target goals. Understands importance of SEO, Meta words, key phrases, organic search keys, and social media presence. Will be key member of the Grassfed Farms team and able to be instrumental in driving traffic to both the websites and to Grassfed Farms events. Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) that will allow her to also engage with the targeted consumer and other stakeholders. I can see Celena’s skill set being used by Grassfed Farms in a number of ways.                                                                                               Allen Williams,  Int’l Ag. Expert

Our business has benefited…

“She is knowledgeable about best online practices and understands the value of aesthetics and the overall user experience.”

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